Georgia Gas Providers

Georgia Gas Providers

When choosing a gas provider, Georgia residents have plenty of choices. The state’s deregulated energy market has led to a variety of natural gas rates and plans to fit anyone’s budget. In addition, many providers offer ways to save on your monthly bill, such as special discounts and rebates.

Customers can pay their gas south bills online, in person at payment locations or by phone. The company also offers paperless billing, auto bank draft and other features to help consumers manage their account. They can also change their gas plan, report a power outage or check out their gas usage history.

Natural gas prices in georgia are determined based on the supply and demand in the marketplace. As more is produced and used, the prices decrease, while a lack of production leads to higher prices. Natural gas prices can also fluctuate based on weather conditions. Hot weather means more electricity is consumed to cool homes, and this uses up more natural gas in the process. Cold winters use more natural gas for heating, and this increases the price of the fuel.

Gas South provides a variety of gas plans to suit any budget, including fixed-rate options and variable rate options. The company’s OnePrice Plan is a great option for people who want to avoid surprises each month. With this plan, you’ll receive a single flat payment per month (plus taxes), regardless of changes in weather or wholesale gas prices. This plan is available to customers based on their credit criteria and payment history.

The company also has a variety of other programs, such as its Smart Savings Program and its Senior Discount. These programs offer discounts on a number of different Gas South services, such as energy, water and sewer. In addition, Gas South has partnerships with several cities and electric membership corporations (EMCs) in Georgia to offer preferred natural gas rates. These include the City of Roswell and the EMCs of Central Georgia EMC, Cobb EMC, Greystone Power Corporation, Snapping Shoals EMC and Washington EMC.

Aside from its top-rated customer service, Gas South also is committed to giving back to the communities it serves. It donates 5% of its profits to support local children’s charities and other nonprofit organizations. It’s part of the company’s larger “Be a Fuel for Good” initiative.

When shopping for a new gas supplier in Georgia, it is important to look at the rates, plan length and contract options offered. In addition, customers should consider whether they want a fixed-rate or variable-rate plan and the price per therm that will be charged. Typically, a fixed-rate plan will cost more upfront but offer stability in pricing throughout the term of the agreement. A variable-rate plan will be less expensive but will fluctuate in price from month to month. A good way to compare the prices of a variety of gas suppliers is to visit an online comparison website. There are several to choose from, and some even provide free trials.